Butcher's Broom 470mg Capsules Herb-ology

Butcher's Broom 470mg Capsules Herb-ology


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  • Assisting with varicose veins.
  • Promoting leg vein health.
  • Being a natural diuretic.


What is Butcher’s Broom?

An evergreen shrub native to Europe and North Africa, butcher’s broom is one of the oldest wellness herbs known, with health uses dating back 2,000 years. Butchers broom takes its name from the fact that European butchers used the plant to brush off and clean their chopping blocks.

As a nutritional supplement, butcher’s broom is most famous for its support of circulatory health and venous integrity. The herb is popularly used to address the many common symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency in the legs, such as cramps, swelling (especially swollen ankles), leg heaviness and appearance of varicose veins. Butchers broom supplies active compounds that are believed to have vasoconstrictive effects; they may tighten and optimize stretched-out blood vessels. The herb is also considered a general tonic for vascular health, helping to strengthen and reinforce weak blood vessels. These butcher’s broom benefits may ultimately help to support overall circulatory performance.

In addition to its ability to strengthen and support healthy circulation within the body, butchers broom promotes a healthy immune response thanks to its high concentrations of phytochemicals called saponins. Butchers broom is also known for its natural diuretic properties.

Butcher’s Broom Supplements

Butcher’s broom supplements are sourced from the dried root of the plant. They are typically available in tablet or capsule form. Butcher’s broom can appear as a standalone supplement or in conjunction with other herbs in various concentrations and combinations.