Chewable Chlorophyll & Mint Chloro-fresh Tablets Herb-ology

Chewable Chlorophyll & Mint Chloro-fresh Tablets Herb-ology


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  • Neutralizes body odors and bad breath
  • Supports efficient digestion
  • Helps the liver to clear toxins from the body


What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is a naturally occurring green pigment found in plants. While the substance is best known for enabling plants to convert sunlight into energy, it can also be used to support wellness in humans. Found abundantly in leafy green vegetables, this organic compound exhibits health-enhancing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the natural health world, however, chlorophyll is most commonly used to help with the reduction of unpleasant odors. This deodorizing ability is believed to linked to the compound’s antibacterial properties. Often used to combat halitosis (bad breath), it also promotes digestive freshening, helping to minimize the odors associated with some pungent foods. Its deodorizing effects are also sometimes helpful for those undergoing colostomy procedures.

In addition to its most popular use as a whole-body-freshener, chlorophyll is used to promote healthy digestion, enhancing digestive efficiency, comfort and regularity. It is sometimes used in supplement form to gently encourage easier bowel movements. As an internal cleansing agent, it is believed to support the liver as it detoxifies the blood. In addition, chlorophyll is sometimes used in intravenous form to help with wellness issues related to the pancreas. The compound may also hold potential to support blood health, especially in issues related to anemia.

Chlorophyll Products

Chlorophyll supplements are available in a wide array of forms, including capsules, tablets, powders and chewable supplements. It is sometimes combined with peppermint, for an even more pronounced freshening effect. Supplements derive chlorophyll from green foods; alfalfa in particular is a popular source.