Bulk And Trade Discount Information

We will be adding certain products for sale in larger quantities over the coming months, with the emphasis of minimum order quantities of 500 / 1000 of each product in exchange for significant discounts. Discounts will depend on the product and costs to produce etc.

The product will be the exact same as our retail products, will be heat sealed for your protection and will be in less fancy packaging than our retail products, again with an emphasis on passing the savings on to our Bulk and Trade Customers.

These will be very handy for our regular customers who want to stock up on a years supply of supplements for a discounted price or smaller scale resellers who don't want to pay thousands of pounds buying and holding stock.

ALL of our stock is fresh and has at least 20 months shelf life.

Please feel free to email us over this ongoing offer via the contact email cdherbology@gmail.com


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