The HERB-OLOGY Journey (so far)!

When I first started on the journey of selling supplements it was just a small sideline to my Personal Training and Sports Massage business, which also in the growing phase.

I've always had an overkeen mind when it comes to fitness, strength and conditioning so when a situation where I was made redundant from a well paid job as a Security Engineer occurred it was quite an easy decision to make.

I've always competed in sports competitions from being a young child doing traditional karate to Tug O War when I was in the British Army. Entering numerous competitions in Thai Boxing and currently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu I've always had that competitive streak.

Before I became a fitness Pro I was never too concerned about nutrition - If I wanted to make weight for a fight I would train more and eat less, and wasn't too interested in ratios and macronutrients etc.


The 'AHA' moment came as I was completing my Sports Nutrition Qualification when I realised there was more to nutrition than just calories in and calories out, there was a whole host of other considerations such as how your hormones affect the rest of your body and mindset, sleep....just about everything.

Once I started looking more deeply into nutrients and how they could benefit me I was shocked to learn that lots of the food we now eat is barren of essential nutrients either through modification, additives or poor quality sources.

This started me on the path to learning about supplementation, how certain supplements or combinations of supplements can positively impact our day to day lives be it physically, mentally, pain reduction, energy focus...the list is endless.

For the first year or two I was selling other well known brands products on Ebay and it was just a small business that wasn't doing too well, with lots of competitors all undercutting each other.

As I grew more knowlegable about supplements I noticed a lot of these 'well known branded' products were very low quantity or poor quality of active ingredients. .....

I had another 'AHA' moment..

What if I can source quality products from quality suppliers around the world and bring them to the UK marketplace? This was the hardest part of the journey so far. I had to find funds, source suppliers, containers, design, logo, quality checks..You name it I had to do it.

It's been a hard and bumpy road I've worked countless hard hours to bring, improve and continue to improve the products that I now supply.

I supply products on different Marketplaces in the UK and the EU and am in a better place now all of the systems are getting put into place.

I mainly source from British suppliers now as I like to keep the work as local as possible so I can keep a close eye on quality assurance. Companies I partner with are accredited ISO9001 and more.

This is the 'JOURNEY SO FAR'.


Herb-ology Supplements Ltd, Unit 3 Weavers Corner, Back Hampson Street, Horwich, Lancashire, BL67JH

Company Number 12420889

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