Apple Cider Vinegar Extract 12,000 mg x 30 - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Apple Cider Vinegar Extract 12,000 mg x 30 - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

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  • DETOX SUPPORTIVE. Apple cider vinegar stimulates the liver to speed the metabolism and excretion of cholesterol and various toxins from the body.


  • IMPROVES DIGESTION. The active constituent in apple cider vinegar stimulates the secretion of digestive enzymes to improve food breakdown and eliminates gas and bloating.


  • BETTER TASTING. Apple cider vinegar has a polarising flavour. Many people don't like the taste. This encapsulated form eliminates the bad taste allowing anybody to receive the benefits of this useful health supplement.


  • REDUCES APPETITE. One of the main reasons people use apple cider vinegar is to curb hunger cravings to support their weight loss regimens.


  • HERB-OLOGY GUARANTEE. Herb-ology is a trusted route from seed to supplement. We provide high quality herbal ingredients and extractions, provided in low-impact packaging. If you're not satisfied, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our supplements. Just let us know and we'll take it from there.

What Are Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules?

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting apples until a dark yellow vinegar is produced. High quality apple cider vinegar will remain unstrained, containing protein-rich strands of “pulp”. These strands offer numerous additional benefits to the brew.

Many people don’t like the pulp in apple cider vinegar, leading many companies to strain this out of the liquid. This removes many of the benefits this supplement has to offer.

The vinegar and pulp can be absorbed in a powder and packed into capsules to make it all easier to consume. This allows the pulp to remain in the final product.

Why put Apple Cider Vinegar In Capsules?

Despite the massive health benefits apple cider vinegar offers, many find its acidic taste undesirable, making it hard to drink on a daily basis.

With capsules, we can deliver the health promoting benefits directly to the gut, without the awful taste.

They also make it easier to take your apple cider on the go.

What Are The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules?

  • Lowers appetite to support weight loss.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Eliminates gas and bloating.
  • Promotes the elimination of toxins.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Regulates blood sugar levels

How Much Should I Take?

We recommend taking 1 Vegetarian capsule once or twice per day.

Long term use of apple cider vinegar is often recommended by health professionals for the best results.

For Adults: Take one (1) Vegetarian Capsule once or twice daily with a meal.

APPLE CIDER VINEGAR EXTRACT (from 600 mg of 20:1 extract): 12,000 mg, HMPC Vegetarian Capsule, Rice Flour, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide
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