Calcium Citrate 600mg, Vitamin D3 5000iu & Boron Glycinate 4mg Complex

Calcium Citrate 600mg, Vitamin D3 5000iu & Boron Glycinate 4mg Complex


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Calcium Citrate, Vitamin  D3 & Boron -  Bone Support Complex
Available in Packs  30 - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

CONTRIBUTES TO Strong Healty Bones & Teeth
SUPPORTS healthy Cardiovascular Function
DOUBLE FAST ABSORB Calcium Citrate & Vitamin d3
ADDED BORON GLYCINATE For Superior Absorption
Absolutely NO FILLERS or BINDERS In This Product - 100% BEST QUALITY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Only in a Vegetarian / Vegan Friendly Capsule

Calcium Chelated To Citric Acid (CALCIUM CITRATE) Is a Far Superior Way of Improving The Absorption Of Calcium So We Ensure That Your  Body Will Take In As Much As Possible To Help With Bone Strength & Maintenance.

VITAMIN D3,  Also Known As Cholecalciferol Will Further Increase Intake of Calcium  And Also Supports  Immune System Health.

BORON GLYCINATE Is Highly Bioavailable  And Will Absorb Far Better Than Other Cheaper Forms Of Boron. Studies Have Shown That Boron Plays An Essential Role In Keeping Your Bones & Joints Functioning Optimally By Helping Your Body Metabolise Important Minerals Such As Calcium, So Like Vitamin d3 It Will Help Your Body Utilise The Calcium Far More Effectively Than Just By Using a Calcium Or a Calcium /d3 Supplement Alone.

FOR ADULTS: Take One (1) Vegetarian Capsule Daily With a Meal

Calcium Citrate: 600 mg, Vitamin  D3: 5000 IU, Boron Glycinate: 4 mg, HPMC Vegetarian Capsule