Myo-Inositol Pure Powder For PCOS Support

Myo-Inositol Pure Powder For PCOS Support


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What is Myo-Inositol?

Structurally similar to glucose, myo-inositol is a vitamin-like compound (often referred to a vitamin B8) which is involved in the way the body’s cells communicate with each other as well as being a component of cell membranes.
The body produces its own myo-inositol from glucose, one theory being that it is produced by intestinal bacteria. Interestingly, large quantities of inositol are found in the spinal cord nerves, the brain and cerebral spinal fluid.
Most sources suggest a daily intake of 100mg - 1000mg per day with higher doses of 4000mg sometimes taken for specific purposes. Myo-inositol is non-toxic and well tolerated. Many foods contain myo-inositol, however, the most prevalent sources are unprocessed whole grains and citrus fruits.

Key Benefits:

  • Contributes to improved neural communication
  • Contributes to improved neurotransmitter performance
  • Supports liver, muscle, heart & nerve function
  • Assists with nerve support
  • Highly absorbed powder form
  • Contributes to support symptoms of PCOS

Myo-Inositol powder purest form
Available in packs of 25g, 50g, 100g and 150g.